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Commercial and residential lawn care services

Fugate Lawn & Landscape serves the Crawfordsville, Linden, Lafayette, and surrounding North Central Indiana area, providing commercial and residential lawn care services, including mowing, seeding, spraying, and aeration services. Please contact us for a free estimate.

Commercial Spraying and Vegetation Management

To keep your property free from vegetation and weeds, we offer commercial right-of-way spraying and vegetation management services, including bare ground and Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) services. We offer complete right-of-way services, from small applications to large, multi-mile applications. Please contact us for a free estimate.

During application, our operators track the location and application amount used, and can provide you with reports showing the location of each area serviced, along with the amount of chemical sprayed. Please see one of our sample reports or GPS spray reports to see what our team can provide you to help you track your right-of-way application activity.

Foresty Mulching Service

Our forestry mulching service uses a single-step process to cut, grind, and remove unwanted and overgrown vegetation. This service is ideal for clearing and maintaining right-of-way for utilities, property maintenance, and site preparation for construction activities. Call us for a free estimate.

Tree Care Services

We offer a full line of tree care services, including fertilization, insecticides and fungicide services.

Stump Grinding

We offer stump grinding services to remove those unsightly and often dangerous stumps, allowing areas to be re-purposed. Clean-up and grading are included in our stump grinding services.

Snow Removal

Both commercial and residential snow removal services are available. We offer a variety of services, including plowing, salting, and sidewalk clearing. And our team is available 24 hours a day. Contact us for an emergency, one-time snow removal, or to schedule on-going snow removal services for your safety and convenience.

Fugate Snow Removal Fleet
Fugate Snow Removal Truck
Fugate Snow Removal with Skid Steer


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"...treats the grounds of our facility like his own and will do everything it takes to look the best that it can." -Cargill, Incorporated

"...very good stewardship for application techniques...very detailed applicator and the brush control results prove it." -Bayer Vegetation Management

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